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Super Milleage Vehicle Team

About Cal SMV

CalSMV, the Super Mileage Vehicle Team at the University of California, Berkeley participates in competitions such as the Shell Eco-Marathon Americas and SAE Supermileage, where students design and build a car with the purpose of obtaining maximum fuel efficiency. We encourage students of any major to come out and participate in CalSMV

CalSMV is an award winning student-run team whose goal is to complement the education of students at UC Berkeley with practical, hands-on experience in the field of vehicle design, composites, and project managment.

Our 2014 vehicle obtained 323.7 km/l (761.4 mpg) at the Shell Eco Marathon Gasoline Prototype division. We hope to continue to improve on this achievment in the comming year


Tuesday September 30th

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Contact Cal SMV

We encourage students of any major to come out and participate in CalSMV work sessions, which we usually hold on Saturdays. For more information about our team, and to join our mailing list, please email calsmv@gmail.com

To contact any of our members, please visit the team section

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The Team

Name Major Year Position
Rajith Jayaratne Mechanical Engineering 4th Team Lead
Bjorn Temple Mechanical Engineering 4th Design Lead
Milton Sanchez Public Health 5th Driver
Lucas Schroyer Mechanical Engineering 2nd Member
Shensen Wang MCB 4th Member
Andrew Flick Mechanical Engineer 2nd Member