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CalSMV races in the Shell Eco Marathon which competes around the globe across four continents to spread awareness of alternative fuels and to foster the ingenuity of tomorrow’s engineers.

Since the  beginning of CalSMV in 1991, the Team has focused its ambitions towards small, single-passenger prototype vehicles designed to prioritize fuel efficiency before all else. As the world and as technology has changed, so has the CalSMV Team.

The revitalization of Super Mileage in 2013 brought along not just a new team of ambitious members from multitudes of practices, but a new ambition and new drive. Remembering the heritage and the history left by CalSMV alumni, the Team today seeks to expand the original mission of efficiency towards a larger, real-world scope — quite literally. For the future, the CalSMV Team is pursuing a hyper-efficient vehicle driven by a pure battery-electric drivetrain on a unibody carbon fiber body — capable of transporting two, for you and a guest.

Featuring contemporary design, technology, and build, the vehicle aptly named Lux, will feature a design built around an in-house CNC router. The aim behind such a large ambition resides in our team’s shared desire to push beyond the  bounds of competition in order to experience what it is like to build a vehicle for the real world. The challenges that reside with such a goal offer opportunities for stimulating innovations, new industry collaborations, and immersive hands-on experiences. And for the Team, beyond engineering and design, our number one goal is to bring together the CalSMV Family and develop firsthand skills to pass on as wonderful, insightful experiences.

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